thoughtfully built for function and the environment


For your Home

Rough edges can contrast your modern home or compliment your existing industrial design.

For your office

Do great work from a great desk. Give your workspace some personality.

a Piece of History

Each item brings a story with it. Some of our wood is as old as 200 years.


Reused materials bring a story with them.

Each item comes with a story about where its materials came from. A barn, a shipping pallet, a torn down Baltimore town home... A previous life shows through in scratches, dents, and imperfections.



Found right in your backyard.

Using local materials instead of importing them from distant locations lowers environmental impact, which includes fuel to transport them.



Rest assured, no two items are alike.  

Each crack and nail hole call for a slightly different treatment and give each item it's own unique look. Products are all slightly different and materials may vary.